Physical Therapy | Basch and Faris


Faris met and matched his smirk, “Then you better stop calling me ‘kid.’ Trust me, ye don’t want to test my stubbornness.

When he started following her, she cast a quick glance at the guards, wondering if they would tag along or even let him to continue.

Ah well, she figured, can’t be bothered to worry about those lot.

She grinned at Basch, “The name’s Faris Scherwiz, Basch! Welcome to the first day of Ship Building 101!”

She brought back one of her arms and tossed one of the axes at him slowly, making sure he’d have time to react and catch it.

“Let’s move out.”

Basch caught the axe easily, and walked behind Faris. He grunted "So Have you actually done this before? Ship building, I mean.” He remembered the airship he and Cloud brought back from their mission against the Xolotl, and how impressive it was. They mustn’t be easy to build. "I flew on an airship when Cloud and I returned from a mission in Paddra. I don’t see the two of us building one." 

He matched Faris’ stride and walked alongside with her. At a cursory glance, she seemed like the typical young soldier they get at Oerba, fresh from the bottle with a training sword in their hand. But he could sense something else there… 

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Taejin Mission 031: Petal in the Wind


When Cloud was situated directly above the Behemoth, she released her Blizzara spell at the same time that he released his fire magic; perfect teamwork on their part. As the Behemoth came charging at them, the ice on the ground made it too difficult for it to get its grip, and dashing out of its path she watched as it slid over the edge. The cliff edge crumbled, and the subsequent cries of anger could be heard beneath them.

Rejoining Cloud, her breaths were shallow, the adrenaline slowing leaving her system. She knew that the monster hadn’t been defeated; they had only managed to stall it for time while they transported Basch out of the area.

“Perfect… I expected nothing less from you, Mr. Strife,” Queen murmured, falling shortly to her knees afterwards. Her longsword slipped from her grasp, dematerialising from view. She hadn’t realised how much energy that fight had taken out of her, and it was only now she was feeling the effects of said battle. However, she knew there was no time to rest just yet.

Rising slowly to her feet, she gave a nod to Cloud to indicate that she was okay; merely exhausted was all. Following him to the cave where he had hid Basch, she collapsed against the wall, regaining her breath. Unfortunately, her stamina didn’t compare to that of Cloud or Basch, who both far excelled her in physical combat.

Crawling over to join the two, now that they were out of immediate danger she could more carefully tend to the wounds of both Basch and Cloud. Taking her pouch from around her waist, she began pulling out various ingredients to prepare a small medicine for them. It would have to do as a temporary treatment until she had full access to the clinic back at headquarters.

The dark ocean heaved and swirled around Basch, and he felt it’s every ebb and flow. The light in the distance was getting closer and closer,  but Basch was starting to get annoyed by it. "If you’re going to do something, do it. I’m tired of waiting." Closing his eyes, his body burnt at him while his mind attempted in vain to dull the pain. "That’s no way to talk to me Basch," someone said, "Didn’t your mother ever teach you manners?" Opening his eyes, a tear rolled down his cheek, "Is… is it really you?"

The darkness swelled, getting more violent. "You’ve seen what happened when you left once… Don’t put me through it again" But the light had dissipated, and he was alone again. The ocean became dangerous, waves began to form and he was getting thrown around. He screamed in pain, his body was being thrown around like a rag doll. In a final effort, he let out a terrifying roar, and opened his eyes.

His whole body screamed at him, but he was no longer in the darkness. Someone was crouched over his slumped body, but he couldn’t determine who it was. He coughed, and managed to croak "Don’t you have better things to do?" 

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Physical Therapy | Basch and Faris


Faris frowned thoughtfully at the other’s trailing off. This soldier certainly knew how to pique one’s interest. She nodded in understanding when he declined to take the subject any further.

Geez, he’s… gruff, she thought to herself as he told off one of the guards again, what a scofflaw.

“Watch your tone kid. I’ve taken people out for less.”

Faris grinned widely at the others threat, rising to his challenge; the potential of a fight only exciting her and she easily returned his remark with one of her own, “Then quit callin’ me kid, Old Man, or I might take you up on that offer.”

As ready for adventure and action as Faris was, that did not mean she was completely without thought. She glanced at the guards behind him again and thought over his earlier response to her asking what he’d done to land himself in trouble like this. 

“But then again… Seems like you’ve already had yourself a rough one.”

She had noticed the curious (maybe even eager?) way in which this other soldier had eyed the axes in her hand, and her mischievous grin was back in place, “Boy, I know about not havin’ much to do. I was goin’ stir crazy waiting around here for my first mission…” She put on a face of mock thought.

“Well why not? You can take one of these and help,” she paused and another wicked grin flashed across her face, “Ye sure you can handle one of these? Don’t think it’s a little much for you?” She teased, echoing his earlier questioning of her ability.

She turned on her heel, heading towards the forest, but paused at the last second as if remembering something potentially important, “By the way, what’s your name?”

Basch raised an eyebrow at the woman; I don’t know whether it’s courage, or just foolishness, but she’s full of it. Listening to her taunt him, he smirked and let out a soft laugh, "If I were you, I’d stop tempting fate. If you’re not careful you’ll be eating those words soon.” 

He turned around and addressed the guards; "I’m going with this one, she’s a little easier on the eyes than you lot," Turning back to face the woman, he growled ”But only by a little”.

As he began to follow her, the woman turned around abruptly to ask him his name. No harm in it, I suppose. We’re both soldiers, we’ll be working together eventually… He let out a heavy sigh and answered her enquiry; "My name is Basch, Basch fon Ronsenburg. Do I get to know yours, or would you rather just be referred to as ‘Kid’?"

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Taejin Mission 031: Petal in the Wind


As the pair split in their respective directions, Queen began with some weak magic spells to the creature, drawing its focus away from Cloud’s retreating form and to her. Once she had its attention, she switched to a more defensive role, being careful to save her magic for healing purposes if the need arose for them.

Her smaller weapon coupled with her agility made her a harder target to track compared to Cloud, however unlike him where she fell was her stamina, and she knew that she couldn’t afford to be hit by one of the behemoth’s attacks. Gathering up her strength once again, she dodge-rolled away from the creature and broke into a run. Her chest pounded and her head ached, but she couldn’t afford to waver now.

She caught her breath when she found herself at the foot of the cliff, the tip of her shoe causing rocks to crumble from the edge. Whipping her head around, the behemoth was approaching close, but a plan was forming in her head. If she could provoke the behemoth to charge, she would be fast enough to avoid any immediate danger before it fell off the edge. However, it was a risky move seeing as she had to time it perfectly. Too quickly, and it would change its course of direction and go after her; too late, and she would be following it over the edge.

Standing her ground, there was a barrage of fire spells, and with a small gasp Cloud had appeared at her side, having successfully moved Basch to a safe area.

“Understood, no harm should come to Mr. Fon Ronsenburg while he is there then, am I correct?” Queen asked quickly, and he answered with a nod. That was a relief, as now she could completely focus on the monster at hand and how to dispose of it.

“Behind us, the cliff edge is crumbling; do beware of your step, but I have formulated a plan,” she began. “If we can somehow provoke the behemoth into charging at us, we will be able to avoid immediate danger, something which the behemoth cannot do so easily. However, this requires a great deal of precise timing on our part.”

Shifting longsword hands, she began to charge an ice spell to compliment Cloud’s fire magic. This was the last hurdle in their mission; if they could survive this behemoth attack, getting Basch back to headquarters would not be a problem.

“On the count of three, Mr. Strife,” she said coolly, the spell in her hand turning a shade brighter. The behemoth was pawing menacingly at the ground, yet it wasn’t charging yet; that would change once Queen and Cloud released their respective spells. “One… two… three.”

The light danced on the horizon, but Basch ignored it. Whatever it is, I don’t want to know. The darkness around him swelled, and Basch shivered instinctively, he hadn’t noticed how cold he was. He shut his eyes and tried to forget where he was, but his body was bruised, battered, and cut, the pangs of his injuries refused to let him relax and forget.

Letting out a guttural moan, he opened his eyes and saw that the light had gotten closer. What the hell? His reflexes kicked in and he reached to draw his blade from his belt, but found nothing there, and moving so quickly caused his injuries to burn at his nerves. Basch winced and groaned heavily, but the light was getting closer, he and shifted his position in an attempt to form a fighting stance. Why doesn’t this world just let me go? Am I really so important?

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OOC - Cloud and Queen

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Taejin Mission 031: Petal in the Wind


Queen jumped back as Basch fell before her feet motionless and quickly knelt down beside him, rolling him onto his back. Now that he was unconscious, she wasn’t afraid of him resisting and began working her magic on him. She grimaced when she saw how badly injured he was, but biting her lip she pressed on, beginning with some Cure spells to the major cuts and bruises.

Every now and then, she would look up and see how Cloud was fairing against the behemoth. She could tell that he was tiring, and predicted that he could only last much longer. Dusting off her skirt as she stood up, Basch was out of danger for now, and all that was left was to bring him back to the clinic where she could work more slowly on him.

But as she went to move him, Queen struggled under his weight, and adding to the fact that he was unconscious it would be impossible for someone of her small frame to carry him. Pulling him out of the way of immediate danger, she hid him away from sight before leaping into the fight.

As the strengthened behemoth moved to attack Cloud, she jumped in between them and unleashed Cross Judge, four pillars of light shooting out from the tip of her sword and rotating around her body. As the spokes of light washed over them, it healed herself and Cloud and also stunned the behemoth long enough for her to converse with Cloud.

“Mr. Fon Ronsenburg is safe for now; all that is left is to bring him back to the clinic so that I may treat him more carefully,” she said slowly, keeping her eye on the creature in front of them. “However, someone of my stature cannot possibly carry him, hence why I must leave him to you, Mr. Strife.”

Locking gazes with him, she sensed that he was wary of a medic like her going up against a behemoth that even he hadn’t been able to take down. But she would have the advantage with her size and speed. The tip of her sword lit up again as this time she cast Cura on Cloud, hoping to give him the strength he needed after tiring himself during the behemoth fight.

“I will distract it while you take Mr. Fon Ronsenburg away from here. Now please, go quickly. We do not have any time to waste!”


Darkness is all Basch could see. He was floating, as if in an ocean, surrounded by dark waters. Where… Where am I? He looked around but he couldn’t see anything. There was nothing around him. I guess this is where I belong. Sounds of battle filled his ears, the roars of a wild beast, the clash of steel on steel. It was deafening, and there was no way to drone it out.

Basch cried out and clawed at his ears, trying to silence the noises in his head. The noise just got louder and louder, he couldn’t drown it out. Putting all his strength into his voice he let out a deafening roar; "ENOUGH!" And with that, the noise ceased, and the ocean returned to it’s silent purgatory.

He closed his eyes and just floated. There was no point to having his eyes open, there was nothing to see. There’s no one to come and find me now, I’m lost. But in that instance, he felt something tug at him, and a small light appeared in the distance, almost an invisible speck in the distance.

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Physical Therapy | Basch and Faris


Faris gave a hearty laugh in response to the other’s antics and shook her head, “Not interested in an entourage for myself, thanks. I’m just wonderin’ what you did to earn such a following.”

She glanced at the nervous looking guards once more before addressing the stranger’s question.

“What? These?” She hefted one of the axes over her shoulder nonchalantly, “I can handle these just fine. And the name’s not ‘kid,’ Gramps. It’s Faris. Used to be Captain Faris actually, before I came here to Oerba. And now I’m makin’ myself a new ship. Er, boat.”

She nodded in the direction of the woods on the outside of the town, “I was planning on gathering some lumber for the boat today, if you get what I mean.”

She swung one of the axes in the direction of the woods to demonstrate.

“What about you? Planning on shooting the shit with this brave lookin’ bunch all day?”

"What I did…?" his mind wandered a little, but he quickly snapped out of it. "I might tell you later" he nodded towards the guards behind him and lowered his voice, “These guys are here for exactly what you think. It might not be wise to talk about it.” 

"What are you saying Mr. Ronsenburg?" one of the guards asked, to which Basch spun on his heel and growled "None of your business whelp." Turning back to face Faris, he raised his eyebrows when she called him Gramps. Staring straight into her eyes, he kept his voice low and direct; "Watch your tone kid. I’ve taken people out for less." 

Taking his eyes off hers, he gazed back at the axes in her hands."Captain, hmm? I used to be a captain.. but I doubt the same as you were." He laughed softly to himself, and continued to say "I’ve got nothing planned for the day, I was supposed to be locked in my room. I don’t know about you, but there’s not much to do in a small room like that." Nodding in the direction towards the exit, he said "You want a hand?" 

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Physical Therapy | Basch and Faris


It wasn’t surprising to Faris, this stranger’s gruffness. After all, everything about his exchange with those guards had blatant rudeness and hostility written all over it. Still, she was a little surprised that he’d singled her out in the crowd.

She glanced at the guards that were still following him and adjusted her grip on the two axes, flashing a confident grin.

“Nah, just curious about what all the fuss was goin’ on over here,” she eyed the guards again, and raised her eyebrows at them. A whole handful of guards for one guy?

“Y’look like you’ve gotten yourself into some trouble though. Anything I can help you with?”

Basch looked down at the grinning woman in front of him and followed her eyes. "You admiring my entourage or something?" he grunted. She’s arrogant, he thought to himself, either that, or stupidly brave. With a shrug, he nodded in the direction of the guards and laughed, "Feel free to take them off my hands if you like them that much kid, I don’t need them." 

Turning to face the guards, he jerked his thumb over his shoulder and said "You hear that gentleman? You have an admirer. Why don’t you guys stalk her and give me a break." Turning back to face her, he glanced down at the axes in the woman’s hands and his curiosity was piqued, "Two axes? Don’t you think that’s a little bit much for you kid? What were you planning on doing with them?"

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