Senseless Training | Basch & Yuj


“I came from a place where there isn’t any elders.” He glared at the ground but let his gaze soften before looking back at him. “Listen, I dunno, I was tired. I can’t sleep, so I thought i’d come and shoot… I thought I was far away but I guess I wasn’t.” Yuj held his hands up. “I surrender okay? I’ll go back to my room and pace around again.” Yuj was about to continue ranting when something caught his attention. A collection? He could feel a grin coming on.

With enthusiasm in his eyes Yuj looked up at Basch. “You interested in these?” Maybe he would a make a friend today or at least someone who didn’t hate his guts. “Thats a Carbine, its a long arm so I don’t really use it in combat, kinda slow and out-dated but I still love it nonetheless.” He exclaimed. “Oh yeah! My name is Yuj.” He added with a smile. For the first time since he joined the army he was happy. 

Basch picked up the Carbine and put the butt onto his shoulder, mirroring the way he saw Yuj do so before he interrupted him. "Carbine hmm? I’ve never held a gun actually Yuj. They were frowned upon where I lived, seen as a ‘less honourable’ way of hunting." Swapping the weapon over to his off hand, he returned it to his side and pulled the Chaos Sword from it’s sheathe on his belt. "This is the way I was trained, although not with this weapon." He performed a few feints and parries against an invisible foe to demonstrate. "I was originally trained with an axe… This was my brother’s sword." 

Returning the sword to it’s sheathe, he walked over to Yuj and handed him the Carbine, "In truth, I hadn’t seen a gun until I came here… They’ve interested me though. I’m proficient in most weapons, because of how I grew up. I needed to be able to adapt quickly in case I had to." With a smile, he said "Why… you want to give me a lesson?"

Senseless Training | Basch & Yuj


Yuj was getting in the zone when out of no where some guy came by to stop him. No one was going to hear him, he was far away. At least sorta. Yuj rolled his eyes and continued shooting another round. Maybe this guy was like a bear? If you ignore them they’ll ignore you? Or was it play dead and they’ll leave? 

“Calm down, we’re far away. Its not gonna bother anyone, promise.” He groaned out. It was pretty late and what was someone like gramps doing awake? “Ayo, why are you even here brah?” He questioned. “Its like late…” He added shortly after. Putting his weapon down he crossed his arms and looked over at Basch.

Sighing and rubbing his eyes, Basch shrugged and said "I heard it, so that means other people can probably hear it." He was rather irritable, and wasn’t in the mood to screw around. "Dunno where you came from, but you should probably respect your elders… I came here to investigate, I thought one of the Night Patrol found something. You can never be too careful"

The teenager just stared at him. Basch sighed again and just said "Look kid, sorry to interrupt your training, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay." Turning around, he noticed the Carbine nearby. Moving towards it, he said "My name’s Basch, by the way… You’ve got a bit of a collection here."

Senseless Training | Basch & Yuj


After getting back to the base from making his rounds Yuj decided to have a “lazy” day. He spent all the afternoon lounging around in his room doing some odds and ends. Most of which were simply laying there, staring at the ceiling. Yuj lost track of time but it was night now and Yuj decided to go off to sleep.

Twenty minutes later full of tossing and turning, Yuj sat up angrily. “Ugh! Why now? Honestly does nothing go right in this place?” He said thinking back to his prior days here. Yuj groaned out once more and looked around. His room had clothes piled up at on his dresser, his desk messy with reports and sketch books. His eyes stopped scanning the room when they saw his rifles. Yuj had multiple firearms in his room. He had four standard rifles that he normally used, a machine gun, two assault rifles, and a carbine. He had all of guns hidden. He loved his firearms but having them all laying out just like that. 

Sighing to himself, Yuj stood up and stretched. “Might as well just go off now I guess…” He went up a picked out the first shirt an pants he found. Yuj got the key that he hid under his mattress and opened the bottom drawer of his desk. This was where he had all his weapons. Call him delusional but Yuj didn’t exactly trust anyone. Looking over the weapons he picked out a rifle and his carbine he also got a couple target rings.

After getting his weapons Yuj made his way over to the so called training room was. He opened the door and scowled. “This isn’t a training room what the- ugh just what is up with this place.” He exclaimed loudly and made his way out of the base. 

When Yuj was far out enough were he thought he wouldn’t disturb those lucky souls that actually made it to sleep he spread the target rings out. Yuj stuck the first one onto a tree, the other one hanging from a branch, and another one on a rock. Getting into position, Yuj  using his rifle began to shoot at the target on the tree hitting the bullseye every time.

Basch was feeling restless tonight. Leaning against a wall, he contemplated going to the tavern or just retiring to his room to clean his weapons and armour. That was when he heard a CRACK in the distance. Hmm. Who the hell is shooting at this time of night? Pushing himself up off the wall, he sighed and went to investigate.

Basch hadn’t seen firearms until he came to Oerba, they were frowned upon in his village, seen to be less a honorable way of hunting, but they had interested him since he joined the Army. Being a weapons master, he liked to know how to handle every type of weapon if he needed to improvise in a battle, but a firearm completely evaded him. 

Following the sound, he arrived to find a blue haired teenager firing a rifle at targets. Waiting till he was done, he walked up behind him and said "Hey kid, do you mind keeping it down? Some people are trying to sleep, and I’m sure the sound of gunfire might unsettle some of the villagers.